The books "Bigger Leaner Stronger" or "Thinner Leaner Stronger" by Mike Matthews are a good place to start on your wellness journey.

Finding Fitness: It doesn’t have to be expensive

Money-saving tips on your road to good health


Gorr is a registered nurse with a background in fitness and nutrition. The Kenosha native hopes to help local residents find a path to wellness with the knowledge he's gained from personal experience and research. Gorr is a loving husband and father of two.

Hello everyone and welcome to a deal-hacking edition of “Finding Fitness.”

I hope to show you some easy ways to find deals on fitness equipment as well as supplements and food.

This is all just as extra information. You do not need anything special to be healthy and well in your life.

Let’s start with equipment and exercises. The great thing about this day and age is we have the Internet. You can Google most anything and find information about it in seconds.

A good place to start with any wellness journey is a guide. I have investigated and read multiple wellness books and one of my favorites is “Bigger Leaner Stronger” or “Thinner Leaner Stronger” by Mike Matthews. In these books, you get a great summary of how to start a realistic health change without adding any gimmicks or supplements. It also goes over easy programming for anyone looking to start strength training.

Next, it’s always good to have easily accessible workout tools. My favorite things to use are bands, an ab wheel and a pull-up bar. I have posted some deals before and I will link some great and affordable brands below.

Now we move on to easy ways you can cater your cash to a healthier diet. One way to start is to first analyze what you are eating. What do you like? What don’t you like? An easy way to get a clear picture of this is to start journaling or tracking your food.

There are apps like MyFitnessPal that can help you in creating these journals, or you can always just use a pen and paper. After this, look at where your diet may be lacking. Do you need more protein, carbs, vegetables, etc.? This can help you create a list of foods you want to have more of going forward.

After I create my list, I make a meal plan for the next week going forward. This helps keep me from just ordering out after a long day of work because I already know what’s on the menu for the coming week. After I have my list, I start shopping.

To start, my favorite store is Aldi. They have amazing prices on fresh produce and a large assortment of whole foods at a fraction for the price of most grocery stores.

Then, after I shop at Aldi, I will go to another store that has more specialty items that Aldi may not carry. I promise you that if you give this a go you can cut your grocery bill in half and eat some of the best meals you have ever had.

That wraps it up this week. I hope you leave “Finding Fitness” today feeling like fitness is not an expensive journey. Everything just takes prep and I know you can do it.

Next week I will talk about over-training and the dangers of it as well as another easy recipe for you to try.

Never give up!