Installation of Water Safety Kiosk at Pennoyer Beach

The Water Safety Kiosk at Pennoyer Beach serves as a focal point for information about present water dangers


For over 90 years the Kenosha YMCA has been focused on providing community programs that strengthen our city. From the state of the art fitness center to aquatics, sports leagues and even licensed childcare, the Y leads the way in providing affordable programs for everyone from youth to seniors.

Summer is here, and residents in and around the City of Kenosha flock to public pools and beaches to cool off and have fun. However, what should be an enjoyable day in the water can quickly turn tragic if proper safety measures are not followed. The Kenosha Safety Around Water Coalition, in partnership with Eagle Scout candidate Aiden Lawler, has installed a Water Safety Kiosk at Pennoyer Beach to provide crucial information about water safety to residents and visitors.

The Water Safety Kiosk at Pennoyer Beach serves as a focal point for information about present water dangers. Lake Michigan poses unique challenges, including longitudinal currents, and the mouth of the Pike River adds additional safety concerns with its shifting and dangerous currents. The kiosk provides general water safety information, tips on how to handle emergencies, and specific details about the currents at the Pike River’s outlet.

Another Water Safety Kiosk was previously installed at Simmons Island Beach, which includes information on emergency procedures (Flip, Float, Follow) and advice on assisting someone in danger (Reach, Throw, Don’t Go). It also highlights the dangers of the pier and the ordinance prohibiting jumping from it.

These kiosks are essential for alerting the community to the dangers of Lake Michigan waters and educating individuals on maintaining water safety in various aquatic environments. “The coalition is very excited about the future impact on water safety these kiosks will have for the community and our visitors,” said Stephanie Zuehls, Kenosha YMCA Aquatics Director.

Stephanie Zuehls, Kenosha YMCA Aquatics Director

The Kenosha Safety Around Water Coalition encourages all community members to actively promote water safety to ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for everyone. For more information about the Kenosha Safety Around Water Coalition or to sponsor a Beach Safety kiosk in Kenosha County, please contact Stephanie Zuehls at

The Kenosha Safety Around Water Coalition meets monthly and works to raise awareness around water safety issues. Our mission is to create a culture of healthy respect and safe enjoyment of water in the Kenosha area through education and advocacy. Our current focus is Lake Michigan safety, aiming to educate students, parents, and the general community about the dangers of jumping from the pier and swimming in the Pike River and Pike Creek. The Kenosha YMCA hosts the monthly Safety Around Water Coalition meeting, comprising community members from various sectors, to maintain year-round water safety awareness.

Coalition members include representatives from the Kenosha YMCA, City of Kenosha Fire Department, City of Kenosha Police Department, City of Kenosha Aldermen, Village of Somers, Coast Guard, Navy, Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, Kenosha Community Sailing Center, Kenosha Sports Fishing and Conservation, Carthage College, and concerned citizens.