Kenosha’s Marc and Terri Hujik know a thing or two about wine


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A Kenosha couple, Marc and Terri Hujik, created a vineyard in Willamette Valley Oregon in 2017 and are experiencing amazing results due to a lot of hard work and their love for great wines.

Wine is always involved in celebrations and Domaine 524 2022 Estate Chardonnay is the one to choose on World Chardonnay Day. World Chardonnay Day is an annual celebration held on May 23rd, dedicated to appreciating Chardonnay wine. This day encourages wine enthusiasts to enjoy and learn about Chardonnay, one of the world’s most popular and versatile white wines, known for its range from crisp and mineral to rich and oaky flavors.

Here’s a Q&A from owner Marc Hujik on Domaine 524:

Background and Vision: “Can you share the story behind starting your vineyard and what vision you had for it when you began? How has that vision evolved over time?”

I always envisioned trying to create this in France, but after our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Oregon, plans changed and materialized.

Viticulture Practices: “What are some unique or innovative viticulture practices you use in your vineyard? How do these practices impact the quality and sustainability of your wine production?”

We are a L.I.V.E. certified vineyard and are certified Salmon Safe and Sustainable.  Winemaking is very much like cooking, the better and more natural your ingredients are, the better product you can produce.

Wine Portfolio: “Could you describe the range of wines you produce? What factors influence the flavor profiles of your wines, and are there any new varieties or blends you are particularly excited about?”

The Willamette Valley is most similar to Burgundy in France. Consequently, the plan was always to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. We have predominately French clones, and I am excited to see how they continue evolve as they mature. We set out with a plan to produce exceptional wines, and though I am biased, I think we have succeeded.

Challenges and Adaptations: “What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in managing your vineyard, particularly with recent climate changes? How have you adapted your practices to address these challenges?”

I have seen a few warmer summers, but we have also experienced rain and cold in unusual ways.  One of the beauties of Oregon wine is that each year produces a unique wine that reflects the season and terroir. The vines adapt to the weather each growing year, we simply help the wine express itself by not interfering too much.

Future Outlook and Trends: “Looking towards the future, where do you see the biggest opportunities or trends in the wine industry, and how is your vineyard positioning itself to take advantage of these?”

The biggest challenge has been distribution. As a small and newer wine, finding distribution channels in the archaic alcohol sales system in 50 unique states is difficult. We continue to explore distribution channels so that we can bring wonderful wine to people that appreciate quality and expressive wines.

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