Go Frank Go Day is a day-long celebration of leadership and community involvement

By GoFrankGo Foundation

The GoFrankGo Foundation believes in the power of HOPE and LOVE, which by dreaming big and never giving up will change the world for generations to come.

UNION GROVE, Wis. (Jan. 25, 2024) – A free public event highlights Go Frank Go Day ’24, which is set for Thursday, Feb 22 at Union Grove High School. The 2nd annual Go Frank Go Day will feature internationally recognized speaker and teacher John O’Leary, who overcame severe injury as a child to take his message of victory and hope to millions across the globe.

O’Leary will present his special “Power of One” message of encouragement to all elementary school and high school students in the Union Grove High School District during the day and will lead an inspiring evening event that will be open to the public. While admission to the 6pm program is free, advance registration is recommended to ensure a seat. All can register and get more information at

Created by the GoFrankGo Foundation, Go Frank Go Day is a day-long celebration of leadership and community involvement that honors the life and work of Frank Lamping, a well-known community leader who died in 2020 following a long battle with cancer. The goal of Go Frank Go Day and of the GoFrankGo Foundation is to inspire the next generation of leaders, which was also the mission of Lamping, perhaps best known for his election to the Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame in 2017.

“This year we’re thrilled to open Go Frank Go Day to the entire community,” said Jason Callewaert, chairman of the GoFrankGo Foundation. “We heard so many good things from students whose lives were touched by our event in 2023 that we simply had to make it available to an even broader audience this year.”

Community State Bank has joined with the GoFrankGo Foundation and Union Grove High School as presenting sponsors for the event. Other event sponsors whose contributions have allowed the Foundation to bring O’Leary to Union Grove include Ray Alderman & Sons, Union Grove Kiwanis, Ehrhart Farms, Forefront Dermatology, Moyer Family Farm and

“Some may look at the price tag to bring in John for the day and say, ‘That’s a lot of money to spend on a speaker,’” said Scott Huedepohl, Foundation board member and Go Frank Go Day event champion. “To those same people I would ask, ‘How much is it worth to you to change a child’s life?’ With this event, we‘ll be impacting hundreds, if not thousands. To me, that’s a great investment.”

About John O’Leary

O’Leary was 9 years old when he played with fire and gasoline and created a massive explosion in his garage that burned 100% of his body. Given less than a 1% chance of survival, John is proof of the power of the human spirit.

O’Leary’s unlikely recovery meant a journey of pain and loss that could have easily been insurmountable. However, far from being an example of someone who simply endured tragedy, he is a luminous example of thriving through adversity.

Surprisingly, the “survivor” story he tells isn’t focused on himself. Rather, it is a celebration of heroes who intimately served O’Leary and his family. From a dedicated Hall of Fame sports announcer to a visionary burn nurse (and countless others), every individual involved in the 1987 fire teaches that one person can make a profound difference in the lives of others.

O’Leary’s presentation will include emotional storytelling and unexpected humor, reminding the audience of the significance of daily attitudes, the power of gratitude, and the impact of serving others with courage. He reawakens audiences to realize the gift of today and the possibility of tomorrow.