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Strengthen your cybersecurity with managed IT services

By Mark HoffmannKENOSHA.COM

A leader in the IT industry for nearly three decades, Hoffmann has helped small and large businesses take advantage of technology to better serve their customers and employees. Hoffmann is owner of CMIT Solutions of SE Wisconsin.

Cybersecurity challenges come in every shape and size these days. Email scams flood our inboxes with flagrant attempts to steal information. Data breaches occur without notice, often going unnoticed for months. And passwords are compromised by complex brute-force hacks that test millions of combinations each second.

In this continually evolving online landscape, managed IT services offer reliable protection from cybersecurity challenges. These services focus on the essentials of day-to-day business operations: keeping computer systems running, protecting important business data, securing networks and the devices connected to them, and helping employees focus on productivity and efficiency.

Different types of IT companies achieve day-to-day business operations with different delivery models. Some subscribe to a reactive “break-fix” approach that only solves problems after they occur or fixes computers after they break. Others take a more proactive approach, offering 24/7 cybersecurity that prevents, diagnoses, and repairs computer issues before they are even noticed.

Managed IT services offer reliable protection from cybersecurity challenges.

How can managed IT services help?

The positive impacts of managed IT services go beyond day-to-day concerns. With reliable IT support, businesses of all sizes across North America gain a competitive advantage that can help them meet today’s needs while proactively planning for tomorrow’s challenges.

CMIT Solutions has compiled a few examples that illustrate that point:

  • Increased uptime and decreased downtime. When computers and IT systems function well, it benefits everyone. Employees enjoy increased productivity while companies reduce the need for disruptive repairs. Avoiding such disruptions also saves money — according to Gartner, the average cost of network downtime can be as high as $5,600 per minute.
  • Reinforced protections to meet tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges. What works today to secure computers, servers, and devices might not work tomorrow. Take antivirus software, for example. For years, every consumer computer has come pre-loaded with basic antivirus protection. But as hackers evolve and tactics shift, next-generation antivirus solutions become a necessity for businesses. A proactive approach to managed IT services anticipates that need and plans for it in advance.
  • Scalability and flexibility to handle changing staffing needs. Many businesses expand and constrict their workforce based on economic changes and seasonal shifts. Managed IT services include established protocols for onboarding new employees and offboarding old employees. This helps businesses dynamically respond to staff changes while protecting data and devices when people leave the company.
  • Industry-specific compliance to satisfy regulatory requirements. As compliance standards change, so should the IT support that protects your business and your information. With new laws on the books in many U.S. states and Canadian provinces, CMIT Solutions and its North American network of independently owned offices have adapted to enhanced rules that require companies to encrypt data and protect consumers. Managed IT services have compliance built into their DNA so that businesses in every industry can satisfy such requirements.
  • Automatic delivery of software updates and security patches. Many business-critical applications see monthly or even weekly changes that are required to protect users and information. Managed IT services specialize in the behind-the-scenes delivery and installation of such updates and patches so that all systems are as protected as possible. This prevents software and hardware vulnerabilities that are often the first thing exploited by savvy hackers.
  • Reduced infrastructure expenses and predictable cost planning. Saving money in the long term is perhaps the biggest bottom-line benefit of managed IT services. Instead of being hit by unexpected repair costs or sudden hardware purchases, businesses with reliable IT partners at their sides can plan for smart technology investments spaced out over several years. This provides a big boost for budget projections that take advantage of smart tax benefits, offering a real return on investment for cost-conscious companies.

Managed services change the usual IT paradigm experienced by most businesses — especially those that have relied on expensive or ineffective computer repair services in the past. At CMIT Solutions, we offer a broad spectrum of proactive computer maintenance, monitoring, and virtual technology solutions backed by fast response times and open lines of communication that are crucial when unexpected crises occur.

A trusted model for managed IT services

Our successful track record of maintaining business operations and protecting data means our clients think of us as the first and strongest line of cybersecurity defense. We’re committed to ensuring continuous uptime and uninterrupted operations. With CMIT on their side, our clients enjoy the peace of mind that every technology need will be handled.

Since our network includes hundreds of local franchisees located across North America, we can build more long-term trust than most IT companies. Why? It’s simple: local business owners like to work with other businesses based in their community. When you can have a face-to-face conversation with the technician working on your computers, a deeper relationship develops that goes beyond dollars and cents.

Solving problems affordably and efficiently

CMIT Solutions also prides itself on solving the IT problems that our clients actually face — not pushing unnecessary “solutions” or products on them strictly for sales or marketing reasons. We work closely with every client to identify their pain points and resolve them through affordable plans of action. We are committed to listening to our clients so we can help them with short-term problem solving and long-term strategy.

But what stands out is the efficiency and dedication with which we deliver managed IT services. Our franchisees come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including finance, sales, logistics, and corporate management. What they all share is a commitment to their local communities, where they can cultivate long-lasting relationships that are both professionally and personally fulfilling.

In short, we are not a faceless IT provider that simply routes your problems to a distant help desk. If you’re looking for IT support provided with an extra dose of trust and commitment, CMIT Solutions is ready to help. We’re here for you the same way you’re there for your clients. We believe managed IT services can transform your business with responsiveness and reliability you can count on.

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