Community State Bank Donates to ‘Every Child’s Place’

The Gift2Giving Program continues to support local organizations

By Eloissa Heigl, Media & Communications Director with Community State Bank

Community State Bank, a $630 million locally owned and operated community bank, is headquartered in Union Grove and has proudly served the communities of Southeastern WI since 1898. For more information, please visit CSB online at

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Raising two kiddos in some really rare times has been eye opening as far as how much I take day care for granted. Each morning I have the opportunity to get my kids dressed and out the door to their school or day care facility where they learn, play, and grow. Unless they are sick, I am confident that my kids have a place to go, so that I can work and make a living for my family.

What if one of my children had a disability that hindered them from being able to attend any day care? This is the reality for some families and finding care for their child is not as easy as it may seem… Yet let’s remember those parents also need to work and make a living.

A while back, my husband introduced me to a local day care in Kenosha. He knew of someone who worked at this day care and he mentioned something like, “I wish Adeline (our daughter) could have went to this day care. What they teach about acceptance and do for children with special needs is amazing.” The day care he was referring to was Every Child’s Place (ECP) located inside of Gateway Technical College in Kenosha.

Every Child’s Place is a non-profit organization that provides day care needs for children of ALL abilities. They provide a safe learning environment for children with or without a disability, starting at 6 weeks of age to 6 years old. They make it a priority to not separate the children based on their abilities, but instead encourage acceptance. What a great opportunity for these young children to learn that we are all made uniquely.   

When I knew this was where I wanted to give my #Gift2Giving funds, I reached out to our Kenosha Market President, Robert Pieroni, and asked if he would like to join me. He was familiar with the organization and interested in learning more. In addition, we reached out to other CSB staff and were happy to learn that 10 others would join us. We even received a personal donation from an additional employee.

For this donation story, we wanted to show you the remarkable mission being accomplished within these day care walls. For that reason, we’ve put together a short video that features Every Child’s Place Founder, Ginny Brydges, Board Member, John Plous, and the Vargas Family, a local family experiencing the benefits of ECP.  

Every Child’s Place is a perfect example of a local non-profit organization making a BIG difference in our community! Thank you ECP for all that you do! We appreciate you!

Other Contributing CSB Employees: Heidi Conde, Valerie Diedrich, Sandy Lompa, Robert Pieroni, Nicole Kurhajec, Laura Burnett Shoemaker, Karen Jorgensen, Terri Lott, Sara Putz, Joe Putz, Brooke Anderson, and Scott Huedepohl