Misty Gorman, center, poses for a picture with Modern Woodmen of America Regional Director Dan Lawrence, Modern Woodmen of America Financial Representative Jeremy Johnson, her husband, Brian, and children Hope and Jesse.

Kenoshan of the Week: Misty Gorman

KTEC-West third-grade teacher receives Modern Woodmen of America Hometown Hero Award

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Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum West third-grade teacher Misty Gorman has always been a hero to her students.

Now, she’s officially recognized as a hero in the community as well.

Gorman received a surprise visit in her classroom on Tuesday (Oct. 26) with touching news that she is the annual recipient of the Modern Woodmen of America Hometown Hero Award.

Misty Gorman received a surprise in her third-grade classroom on Tuesday.

The award is presented nationwide at local Modern Woodmen chapters, honoring individuals for their outstanding volunteer service to the community.

Gorman received the award in front of her students, family members, KTEC administration and representatives from Modern Woodmen.

“I had no idea this was happening and I’m a little overwhelmed right now,” said Gorman with tears in her eyes. “I don’t feel worthy of being a hero by any means.”

Misty Gorman is congratulated by Modern Woodmen of America Financial Representative Jeremy Johnson.

In recognition of her honor, Gorman has also been named the Kenosha.com Kenoshan of the Week.

Gorman received a certificate and a basket of children’s books — heavy enough to break the back of KTEC West Assistant Principal Scott Hodges — as a token of appreciation from Modern Woodmen.

She also received a $100 voucher to be given to the charity of her choice.

“I don’t feel worthy of being a hero by any means.”

– Misty Gorman after receiving the Modern Woodmen of America Hometown Hero Award

“When you recognize people for the good things they’re doing, they don’t necessarily expect the recognition,” said Jeremy Johnson, a financial representative at Kenosha’s Modern Woodmen.

“When they are recognized and know they’re affecting and touching people’s lives, it’s a good feeling.”

Gorman has been a foster parent for 10 years, a supporter of local children’s theater and an active participant in numerous community outreach programs. She is a member at Congregations United to Serve Humanity (CUSH) and advocate of The Life Initiative, a southeast Wisconsin initiative to stop human trafficking.

Misty Gorman was awarded with a basket of books.

Gorman’s husband Brian is lead minister at First Christian Church.

“She does so much in the community and also our classroom,” KTEC Principal Dr. Angela Andersson said. “She’s new to our school this year and she’s jumped right in and gotten involved in everything we do at KTEC. I couldn’t have thought of a more deserving person (for the award).”

Gorman’s students were as shocked as their teacher during the surprise, mid-morning appearance. They posed for photos following the presentation and sorted through dozens of new books.

“The books are such a blessing,” Misty Gorman said. “This class loves books. I’m thankful everyone was thinking of these kids.”

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Misty Gorman surrounded by her family KTEC-West third-grade students and Dan Lawrence and Jeremy Johnson of Modern Woodmen of America.