Foodie Favorite: Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Copycat Starbucks and make your trendy beverage at home


Amateur baker and lover of all things food, Carlson enjoys finding new recipes and learning techniques to perfect his love and appreciation for whole foods.

Cold brew is super trendy right now, but there’s a reason for that … it’s pretty awesome. Also trendy right now is cold foam. Thank you, TikTok.

This beverage is quite easy to make once you’ve gone through the process of making cold brew coffee and vanilla sweet cream. It’s even simpler if you just go to the store and purchase already brewed cold brew and packaged sweet cream.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Ingredients:

  • 3/4 cup vanilla syrup
  • 1 1/3 cups 2% milk
  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream


Simply mix them all together starting with vanilla syrup, the whipping cream, then adding the 2% milk. Mix together and voilà!

Cold Brew w/Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

  • Pour cold brew coffee into a glass and add ice – this should fill up 2/3 of the glass. Note: check out my cold brew recipe below if you’d like to make your own. 
  • Pour 1/2 cup of vanilla sweet cream (VSC) into your cold frother (or use a hand frother) and froth until the VSC is silky and all foamed up.
  • Pour the VSC cold foam on top of the cold brew/ice and enjoy your delicious beverage. Tip: don’t mix the cold foam into the cold brew. An ideal sip is getting the foam first, and then the strong, but smooth, cold brew at the end.

I added a note to check my cold brew recipe below. This is it …

Cold Brew

  • One cup of coarse ground coffee (consistency of cornmeal) for every four cups of filtered water (for optimal taste, use quality coffee and grind fresh).
  • Using a large pitcher (something that seals), mix the coffee grounds with the filtered water.
  • Seal container and let sit 12-20 hours in the fridge (the longer it sits, the stronger and more profound the flavors will be). I do not recommend allowing the coffee to sit longer than 24 hours. If you cannot fit the container in the fridge, it can sit out at normal temp.
  • When brewing process is over, filter out the coffee grounds. You can use a cheese cloth, pour over coffee filters, etc. I purchased a cold brew pitcher that had a filter fitted into the container.
  • Once filtered, your cold brew is ready to enjoy. It’s recommended to add a little water to your cold brew, however, I enjoy it more concentrated. You can store for a couple days in the fridge. Use you favorite milks, creamers, sweeteners … or enjoy it black.