The Bullamore Forks School cornerstone is now the property of Hawthorn Hollow.

Hawthorn Hollow receives Bullamore Forks School cornerstone

Original one-room school was built in the mid-1800s and a newer two-room building was dedicated in 1930


Hawthorn Hollow grew out of love for the land. As a nature sanctuary and arboretum, Hawthorn Hollow has been connecting people and nature through environmental education for more than 50 years. Hawthorn Hollow is owned and operated by the Hyslop Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501 c3 organization formed in 1964.

Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum recently received the cornerstone of the now-demolished second Bullamore Forks School, which was originally located at what is now the intersection of highways N and 142, north of the Kenosha Regional Airport. 

Bullamore Forks School, much like the Pike River School which was moved to Hawthorn Hollow, was a small primary school serving the children who lived in the immediate area. 

The original one-room school was constructed around 1850 by a Scottish immigrant, James Petrie, who also lived in Somers.  A newer two-room building was dedicated Jan. 22, 1930. It closed when Somers decided to consolidate the smaller schools in the area into one large school, Somers Elementary, in the late 1960s.

The cornerstone being delivered to Hawthorn Hollow by Town/Village of Somers employees.

James Bullamore, born 1810 in England, owned land in the Town of Paris according to the 1850 census. Since the Town of Paris is directly west of Somers, it makes sense that the Bullamore family settled near one another. The Bullamores were very active in the Somers community in the early- to mid-1900s.  

Roy and Russell Bullamore, who were sons of James Bullamore, were on the building committee. Roy served as Treasurer of the Bullamore Forks School District #8 for 34 years. Roy and Russell’s brother, William, was a 4-H club leader for many years and helped to organize the Progressive Youth of Bullamore Forks in 1939. 

The Bullamore Forks School cornerstone will be installed near the historic buildings at Hawthorn Hollow sometime in the near future. 

Special thanks to Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson, Town & Village of Somers Historian, for researching and writing this article, Bob Strunk, who donated the cornerstone, and the Village of Somers for transporting it.

A Racine Journal Times article on the dedication of Bullamore Forks School, Jan 23, 1930.