Carl the Turkey

Fowl news: Carl the Turkey dies after being struck by vehicle in Kenosha’s Forest Park neighborhood

Former Kenoshan of the Week was much more than a wild animal


Brooks is a former associate editor; Kenosha News sports, news, and business reporter; and former Kenosha resident. He was mayor of South Milwaukee from 2014 to 2021. He currently leads Carl Collective, a marketing and strategic communications firm in Milwaukee.

Carl is dead. Long live Carl. 

Carl the Turkey — at the same time a wild animal, cherished local celebrity and bigger symbol of positivity and hope during some difficult times for Kenosha, the state and the world — died on Tuesday (Dec. 7) after being struck by a vehicle in the 6500 block of Pershing Blvd.

The Kenosha Police Department confirmed the death on Tuesday afternoon. mourns the loss of Carl and promises to keep his memory alive through our continued focus on telling the positive news of our community. We will also find ways to celebrate his life and what it stood for in the days, weeks and months ahead.

For now, check out the international coverage this “outlaw turkey” received from The Guardian last month, and the story we published on Carl in September, when he was named Kenoshan of the Week on 

“I have never seen a turkey in Kenosha just walking around casually,” a resident said then. “It’s been such a crazy time and some people think it’s a spiritual sign. It’s weird but good. I think seeing how a turkey can fit in a city as well as it does is actually pretty cool.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

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