Finish your workout with a great ab exercise like some crunches.

Finding Fitness: Adding more moves to your workout routine

Split squats, calf raises, chair dips, triangle push-ups and crunches


Gorr is a registered nurse with a background in fitness and nutrition. The Kenosha native hopes to help local residents find a path to wellness with the knowledge he's gained from personal experience and research. Gorr is a loving husband and father of two.

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another edition of “Finding Fitness.” This week I am going to give you another great workout routine. It will be a couple moves that you can easily pair with previous routines I have mentioned. It is never a bad idea to have more moves in your arsenal.

We are going to want to start with our major muscle groups, then move to the smaller muscle groups.

To begin, we will do something called the split squat. This is a variation of the barbell squat and generally targets the hamstring and quads. First, find a chair or a ledge. If neither are available, just stagger your legs like you are doing a lunge. Drop your weight until your thigh is parallel with the floor and press back up. Try to drop straight down and not forward. This will keep you from performing a lunge.

Next, move on to some elevated calf raises by standing on the edge of a step or something sturdy. Lower yourself so your heels are hanging off the edge and drive yourself up so you are on your toes, holding for a second at the top before slowly releasing back down.

After your lower body is worked, we move to the upper body.

We will start with our triceps by doing some chair dips. Just grab a chair and position your hand on either wide of the front of the chair with your elbows up and back. Try not to flare your elbows too much with this one. Start lowering your behind to the floor and then push yourself back straight up, making sure to engage the forearms on the way up.

Finally, to finish the upper body, we will move to some triangle push-ups. Begin in a plank position, either on your toes or knees, and bring your hand forward and make a triangle with your hand by connecting your thumb and pointer finger. Lower your chest to the ground and keep your elbows from flaring too far out. You should feel the work in your chest and triceps. For these, you want to hit four sets of 8-10 reps.

Finish the workout with a great ab exercise like some crunches or lying leg raises. 

That concludes this week’s quick exercise guide. Feel free to browse previous articles and use them to piece together a great at home workout. Keep the routines interesting. This will help keep you focused and coming back for more. 

Another huge announcement!

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Thank you, everyone! Never give up!