Kenosha 5000giveaway Featured Announces $5,000 Giveaway

Five lucky fans will be chosen at milestone.

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Five lucky fans will be chosen at milestone

KENOSHA — Local residents searching for extra spending money and an opportunity to support local businesses can fulfill both requests with’s most generous giveaway yet.

After offering three Facebook followers a chance to win $500 in local gift certificates, announced today (Oct. 2) it will send five of its most loyal followers on a $5,000 spending spree.

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“This is what is all about. We want to work together to keep Kenosha and its community strong.”

Jim Gourley, Founder
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When reaches 10,000 followers, five random fans will each receive $1,000 in local gift certificates of their choice.

“We’re thrilled to be able to connect with so many new followers and help support local businesses during a time of need,” Founder Jim Gourley said. “This is what is all about. We want to work together to keep Kenosha and its community strong.” announced its third $500 contest earlier this week. The winner will be announced on Nov. 2.

In August, Kenosha’s Gretchen Covelli was chosen as the first recipient of the award. Covelli divided the $500 between eight local businesses.

“It was really fortunate for me to win at the time I did,” Covelli said. “I have three jobs and all three of them have been affected by COVID. Right now, my finances are tight. I used a little bit for education, a little bit for my kids and a little bit for mom. I was able to support small businesses and spread the love around.”

Kenosha’s Cathy Savaglio won the second $500 giveaway in September.

“I was thrilled beyond belief,” Savaglio said. “Although I can’t win again, I’ve already tagged three more people (on Facebook).”

Savaglio split her gift certificates amongst Alpaca Art, Blue House Books and Twisted Cuisine.

“I gave it a lot of thought,” Savaglio said. “I tried to think about business owners I know that could really use the extra funds right now. They’re working so hard with COVID and riots to keep their businesses open and running.” is a local, digital media platform committed to sharing informative, engaging content on people, places and experiences throughout Kenosha. is expected to launch in November.