IN MY BOOKISH ERA: Find Waldo in Kenosha

Why are independent bookstores so important? Is it because we simply sell books? Of course not, you can easily get books online or at other, larger stores

By Samantha JacquestKENOSHA.COM

Samantha Jacquest is the owner of Blue House Books, Kenosha's full-service independent bookstore in Downtown Kenosha. Sam loves sharing her love of books with the community and bringing in popular and local authors for events. When not at her shop, Sam enjoys traveling and spending time Downtown with her friends, family, and rescue dog Flash.

Why are independent bookstores so important? Is it because we simply sell books? Of course not, you can easily get books online or at other, larger stores.

Independent bookstores are so important because of the communities we create and support. The expert bookselling staff, the cozy environment, and the expertly curated selection of books and literary accessories are what make independent bookstores a vital part of any city or town, as well as the amazing events we work tirelessly to plan for our customers and our community. I’m so excited that our biggest community-wide event is happening right now!

Find Waldo Local has once again come to Kenosha, brought to you by Candlewick Publishing and Blue House Books! Our favorite striped sleuth is hiding in 25 locally owned and operated businesses throughout Kenosha in the month of July, and it’s your job to find him! Start at Blue House Books to grab your Waldo stampcard which lists all the details and participating businesses. Then head out to the different stops to find Waldo hidden among some great Kenosha establishments!

This is our second year participating in the Find Waldo Local event, which is put on by 300 independent bookstores throughout the U.S. You can find all the details for our event here in Kenosha on our website, and be sure to stop by Blue House Books soon to grab your stampcard and start playing!

While you’re searching for Waldo throughout Kenosha be sure to look closer, just like you will have to do while reading Look Closer by David Ellis, the current Blue House Book Club read for July! I just finished the audiobook and it was FANTASTIC, the perfect book for a lively discussion!

In Look Closer, Simon and Vicky seem like the picture-perfect couple, but as the title suggests, not all is as it seems. Soon enough, we learn that money, greed, and lust all play a party in this couple’s deep, dark secrets. These secrets lead to murder, but you’ll have to really pay attention to the clues if you want to find the truth.

We’re so excited to have David Ellis visiting Kenosha on Thursday, August 1st for the release of his new novel The Best Lie Wins. David will be in conversation with BHB favorite Hannah Morrissey, author of the Black Harbor series. The two authors will be chatting about plotting murder and telling excited readers how they plan the perfect plot twists in their bestselling novels! A book purchase is required to attend, which you can grab in store or online