Dr. Montemurro and Dr. Holmbeck: Leading-Edge Podiatry Services

Total ankle replacements are now a sought-after option


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We commonly hear about total hip or knee replacements; but now total ankle replacements are a sought-after option for patients striving to recapture pain-free mobility. Dr. Montemurro and Dr. Holmbeck, with their advanced skills and training, have proudly brought total ankle replacement procedures to Froedtert Pleasant Prairie Hospital.


“Our goal with offering total ankle replacements is to try to get the best quality of life for our patients,” said Dr. Antonio Montemurro, Podiatrist. “Patients that suffer from severe arthritis can become limited in their activities of daily living, such as cooking, bathing, grocery shopping, driving a car, and even sitting or standing. We pursue less invasive methods first, but if the cartilage damage cannot be repaired, a total ankle replacement could be a welcomed option for that patient.”

Antonio Montemurro,
DPM Podiatrist

Dr. Ryan Holmbeck, Podiatrist, said, “Initial evaluations, x-rays, CT scan, custom 3D models of the patient’s entire lower extremity, the surgical procedure, follow-ups, and rehabilitation appointments all happen right here at the Prairie Ridge Clinic and Froedtert Pleasant Prairie Hospital. The convenience for our patients is outstanding. The proximity and collaboration between colleagues and departments are enormous benefits to our patients as well.”

Ryan Holmbeck,
DPM Podiatrist

“We are a one-stop shop for the entire total ankle replacement process, and even the Physical Therapists are specially trained for ankle replacements,” boasted Dr. Montemurro. “We are seeing more and more patients choose a total ankle replacement option. Within a week from surgery, the patient is typically already walking with a walking boot, and soon we see them enjoying daily life with their new ankle. Overall, this procedure has a very high success rate. It’s such a joy to witness a patient go from enduring painful steps to simply walking pain-free.”


“It is a feather in our caps that we can offer total ankle replacements to our patients right here in Southeastern Wisconsin,” said Dr. Montemurro. “We are proud to say that the Prairie Ridge Clinic and Froedtert Pleasant Prairie Hospital provide comprehensive podiatry services.”

Dr. Holmbeck said, “Total ankle replacements are not offered everywhere, so it is unique and impressive that both Dr. Montemurro and I are certified to perform this procedure. We perform all our total ankle replacement procedures together. This optimizes results for the patient, and the patient gets two doctors instead of just one.”

Dr. Montemurro and Dr. Holmbeck provide an extensive range of leading-edge podiatry services including nail care, diabetic foot care, bunionectomies, hammer toes, foot and ankle wound care, fungus, wart, and callous care, amputations, Achilles ruptures, ankle fractures, and more.

Patient David Jackson said, “I have had dozens of podiatry-related operations with other surgeons, and I’m so happy that I finally found Dr. Montemurro. He is the greatest! I live in Niles, Illinois, but the drive to Pleasant Prairie is worth it to have attentive, top-notch care. For decades, my foot bowed out in the wrong direction so much that I’d almost be walking on my ankle. Other surgeries just weren’t working, and I could not walk for more than five minutes without intense pain. I have a genetic disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease that malformed my bones, and as I aged my walking pattern worsened. I went to Dr. Montemurro for wound care for an ulcer on my foot, but he noticed my walking pattern and addressed the whole situation. He is so attentive and caring. Through fusion and rods to make my foot planted, Dr. Montemurro has helped me heal and I no longer rely on a scooter to get around. I can walk without pain, and I am so grateful! I will continue to go to the Prairie Ridge Clinic for all my podiatry needs.”

David Jackson with girlfriend Emma Bigelow

“We want the community to know that living without foot or ankle pain is possible, and that the highest level of care is right here in Kenosha,” said Dr. Montemurro. “Dr. Holmbeck and I live and work in this community, and I truly believe it is our hearts and dedication that set us apart from other podiatrists.”

“From surgical interventions to orthotic-based treatments, we have options for our patients, and we truly care about the people of this community,” said Dr. Holmbeck.


A referral is typically not required to schedule an evaluation with the podiatrists at the Prairie Ridge Clinic. “Podiatry care is accessible,” said Dr. Montemurro. “If you can’t walk your dog or go to the grocery store without foot or ankle pain, please call us to get scheduled for a consultation.”

Dr. Holmbeck stressed, “Don’t wait. Come see us before your pain worsens. While pain is the most common factor, also pay attention to changes to your toenails or swelling of your feet. Whether it is a traumatic issue, a diabetic foot ulcer, an ingrown toenail, wound care or pain relief, we typically see better long term results the earlier we can begin treating the patient.”

“It’s important to know that we do not push surgical options first. We exhaust all conservative methods first, such as activity modification, in-office procedures, wound care or cortisone injections,” said Dr. Montemurro. “When all conservative methods have been tried, then we approach surgical options. We listen to the needs of our patients and work together to find the best solution.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the Prairie Ridge Clinic at (262) 656-3338.