Owners from left to right: Matt, Angie, Rob and Dan Carlson

Fresh lettuce and microgreens are available year-round in Kenosha at Grow Space

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Thanks to son Rob, the Carlson family has created Kenosha’s first hydroponics farm located in the former Scandinavian Furniture store on Roosevelt Road. After many months of design and construction, Grow Space now provides the finest fresh greens to the community. Visit the “farm” to see the amazing facility and do some shopping. Delivery is also available.

Here are five key points about hydroponic growing:

  1. Soil-less Cultivation: Hydroponics involves growing plants without soil, using solutions of water and nutrients instead. This method allows plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently and grow faster.
  2. Water Efficiency: Hydroponic systems use significantly less water than traditional soil-based agriculture, often reducing water usage by as much as 90%. The water in hydroponic systems is recirculated, minimizing waste.
  3. Space Efficiency: Because it does not require traditional soil plots, hydroponic farming can be done in smaller spaces such as urban environments, indoors, and in greenhouses. This allows for higher density planting, increasing yield per square foot.
  4. Controlled Environment: Hydroponic systems allow for precise control over the growing environment, including nutrients, pH levels, and humidity. This level of control can lead to higher quality produce and lower incidence of diseases and pests.
  5. Year-Round Production: With environmental controls, hydroponic systems can operate year-round, providing consistent and predictable crop yields regardless of external weather conditions. This is particularly beneficial in areas with harsh climates.

You can visit their website here: https://www.growspace.farm/