PHOTO: Retina Vitreous Associates

Total Solar Eclipse 2024 happening Monday, April 8

Safe viewing and potential damage to your eyes!

By Emer Eye Care

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On Monday, April 8, the incredible spectacle of a total solar eclipse will be happening across Mexico, the United States and Canada! It’s extremely important that you have proper protection for your eyes as viewing the eclipse can lead to PERMANENT DAMAGE to your vision!

When will the solar eclipse occur in our area?

In Kenosha, the eclipse is set to begin at 12:52 pm. It will reach 50% coverage at 1:33 pm and maximum coverage at 2:08 pm (when the moon covers 91% of the sun!). As it passes, 50% coverage will occur again at 2:41 pm and finally ending at 3:21 pm.

How to properly protect your eyes when viewing the eclipse?

When purchasing a pair of eclipse glasses, you must confirm that they are ISO approved! Our office is carrying ISO approved eclipse glasses for purchase so you can ensure you’re getting a safe pair. Be sure to put the glasses on before you look up, and remove them after you’ve looked away. It is NOT safe to remove your glasses during totality!

Didn’t purchase eclipse glasses in time? You have two choices:

Stay inside and don’t even risk a glance at the eclipse…or you can indirectly view the eclipse by using the pinhole projection method – punching a hole in an index card and casting the shape and path of the eclipse on a flat background behind it. Additionally, remember to prepare! Where will you or your kids be? With friends? Daycare? School? Babysitter? You should absolutely reiterate with them and whoever they’re with, the danger of viewing the eclipse without proper protection.

PHOTO: Retina Vitreous Associates

Lastly, how exactly does the sun damage your eyes during an eclipse?

The moon passing in front of the sun provides enough “comfort” for your eyes to be able to look at the eclipse, but the sun’s rays are still just as strong, and can cause irreversible damage to your retina. “Solar Retinopathy” can cause central blurry vision and blind spots. These visual changes may not begin to be noticeable for hours or even days after exposure and the initial damage. What does it look like when we check your eyes? The first picture above shows burned central retinal tissue in the macula (on the right is your optic nerve). The next is a cross section of the layers of retinal tissue that are damaged (the black spot below the V shaped dip in the tissue, in the central macula).

Unsure if your eyes have been damaged by the solar eclipse?

Don’t hesitate to call the Emer Eye Care office for an exam at 262-654-6005, or vision our website at We’re also on call 24/7 for any eye emergency or concern! Please take all proper precautions for you and your loved ones, and enjoy the amazing spectacle of the solar eclipse, after all, the next one won’t happen for another nine years!