Have you heard of Colosseum Games?

This locally-owned gem is not to be missed!

By Kenosha.com WriterKENOSHA.COM

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If you like board games, you need to know about a hidden gem tucked away in the Prairie Plaza on the south side of 75th Street where Charcoal Grill used to be. Once you visit, you’ll probably become a regular.

For over thirteen years, Colosseum Games (5719 75th St.) has been the place to go if you enjoy Magic: The Gathering, Flesh and Blood, Unmatched: The Battle of Legends, 7 Wonder, collectible cards, action figures, and countless other board and video games. Colosseum Games has a wide variety of board games that can accommodate any scenario from quick, casual party games to more advanced, technical options for serious game nights. Not sure where to start? The employees are always glad to talk through what you’re after and make several suggestions that suit suit your needs. They have their full collection on their website here: https://colosseumgames.shop/collections/all

You can also hang out for a while and challenge others at games in the Colosseum game room or participate in their many tournaments they hold throughout the year.

Kevin Ollila is the sole owner of the business since purchasing the business from the previous owners in 2020. Ollila certainly understands the world in which he “lives”. Ollila is the one to contact if you think one of those old cards in your basement might be valuable!