“First Taste” event for Buona Beef and Rainbow Cone

On Tuesday, February 20th, the restaurant duo offered lucky patrons a "First Taste" experience

Our team at kenosha.com had the privilege of attending this event, indulging in the delectable offerings from both iconic establishments. As the countdown to the official grand opening of Buona and Rainbow Cone on Monday, February 26th begins, the rapidly expanding culinary scene in Kenosha gained another heavy hitter.

At Buona, we had the privilege of trying their italian beef sandwich. This classic italian sandwich, featuring top sirloin beef slow-roasted in a blend of house spices, was nothing short of incredible. The sandwich comes in two sizes, regular and large, and also allows customers to customize their sandwich with options like cheese, peppers, and the desired amount of juice.

We also decided to try one of their healthier offerings, the chicken & avocado protein bowl. The bowl is similar to a salad, featuring greens and other vegetables topped with fresh grilled chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, and house balsamic vinaigrette. This protein bowl packed a lot of cohesive flavors and the vinaigrette really helped tie it all together.

The extensive menu caters to diverse palates, offering burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, salads, and more. The flexibility and variety at Buona Beef make it a go-to spot for anyone craving a satisfying meal.

Switching gears to the sweet side, Rainbow Cone is a beloved ice cream spot that originated in the Chicago area nearly 100 years ago. There were a lot of great options for sweet treats, including ice cream cones and dishes, pints and quarts to-go, sundaes, shakes, root beer floats, cookie ice cream sandwiches, and even ice cream cake!

However, we knew we had to try the thing that made them famous – the rainbow cone. Their cones are unique in that they are comprised of “slices” of ice cream stacked on a cone rather than traditional scoops. The rainbow cone is made up of five different flavors that blend together perfectly – orange sherbert, pistachio, palmer house, strawberry, and chocolate. If you have never had the pleasure of visiting a Rainbow Cone, this classic would be a great place to start on your first visit.

The ambiance of the combined restaurant adds to the overall dining experience. With a friendly, modern, and bright look, the space exudes cleanliness and warmth, making it an inviting spot for everyone. The fusion of Buona Beef and Rainbow Cone creates a unique atmosphere where guests can savor the best of both worlds – savory and sweet – all under one roof.

The restaurant pair can be found at 7523 115th Ave. in Pleasant Prairie.