Evan Arneson runner up at the Wisconsin state diving Championships

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Evan Arneson, a senior at Tremper High School and former Kenosha.com High School Athlete of the Week, delivered a standout performance at the Wisconsin State Diving Championships held at Waukesha West High School on Saturday. Marking a significant journey of growth and achievement throughout his high school diving career, Evan ascended from a 16th place finish during his sophomore year to fourth last year, culminating in an impressive second-place finish this year. In a field of over 20 competitors, his performance was a testament to his exceptional perseverance and calm under pressure, qualities that set him apart in a fiercely competitive sport.

The championship finals highlighted Evan’s remarkable ability to rise to the occasion, particularly during the crucial moments of the competition. His final three dives were pivotal, demonstrating not only his technical skill but also his mental fortitude, effectively securing his runner-up position. This achievement was all the more special with the presence of his family members, who were there to cheer him on, providing a strong support system that undoubtedly contributed to his success. Unique to his journey is the role of his Aunt Jackie who serves as his diving coach. Her guidance and support have been instrumental in his development as a diver.

Arneson posing with his mom, Julie Schlick

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