Move over tennis… Pickleball officially arrives in Kenosha

The fastest-growing sport in America has officially arrived at Pennoyer Park

By Jeffrey Zampanti

Multimedia Journalist

A city project to convert tennis courts into pickleball courts opened to the public this week at Pennoyer Park, 3601 Seventh Ave.

Some local pickleball players wondered what took so long. Others remain against the project.

“I feel very fortunate we got the courts,” Kenosha’s Stacey Chike said. “For the size of the city that Kenosha is though, we should really have more permanent courts. But, right now, it’s a great start for Kenosha.”

Kenosha alderman Kelly Mackay voted against it. He questioned spending and was against removing the existing tennis courts.

“Nothing against pickleball,” Mackay said. “I mean, I think the sport itself is good for bringing people out of the house and stuff. But my thing is that I think tennis is important.”

Mackay said pickleball isn’t an established sport.

“It’s a big fad right now,” Mackay said.

The resurfacing project created four permanent pickleball courts and one tennis court that can be converted to pickleball with portable nets.

“Pickleball isn’t going anywhere,” Chike said. “It’s not a fad. It’s not going to be here for a couple of years. It’s definitely here to stay.”

Kenosha’s Will Krause played on the pickleball courts for the first time on Wednesday. The 85-year-old is a local pickleball instructor.

Krause said pickleball has taken over popularity from tennis in Kenosha.

“I’ve been to about four or five different tennis courts,” Krause said. “I hardly ever see anyone play tennis anymore.”