Kenosha’s Rotary Safety Center adds custom-built library to its resources

The Rotary Safety Center received a special delivery on Thursday

By Jeffrey Zampanti

TMJ4 News, For

Kenosha native Ron Antrim spent the past several months building a police-themed phone booth that functions as a free library. It’s located in the Jose Mares Gardens, just outside the Safety Center, 5716 14th Ave.

Kenosha Police Department Safety Officer Tyler Cochran was there for the event, which included a short ribbon-cutting ceremony.

 “I’m really humbled that they asked me to do this,” said Antrim, who topped the wooden booth with a flashing blue light. “I was really happy to help out and build this for those guys. As soon as Tyler asked it was like, ‘Yes. I’ll absolutely do it.’ I’m on-board 100 percent.”

The donation served as a kind gesture and a testament to Kenosha’s strong community.

Kenosha’s Jose Mares lives next to the Safety Center. He’s been planting and watering flowers on the grounds for 25 years.

“Everything we do here is for the betterment of our community,” Cochran said. “To have something like this where area kids walking by can get educational stuff, get books from here.

“It really just kind of helps bridge that gap between the police department and our community.”

The Safety Center provides tools to help kids stay safe. Kenosha students learn how to call police in emergencies, cross streets, ride bike safely and other important skills.

Having a free library of books and useful information can only help educate local youth.

 “Somebody that might not necessarily feel comfortable going into the police department to get information on something will now be able to just swing by here and grab it out of the box here,” Cochran said.