Dr. Badrudduja and Dr. Jandali: General Surgeons Providing Extraordinary Care

Providing our community with the most advanced and broadest range of surgeries right here in Southeastern Wisconsin


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General surgery is a broad term covering relatively everything from elective to emergency surgeries. Not many general surgeons truly do it all. Performing a breadth of surgeries requires extensive and on-going education, as well as special skills. The general surgeons at Froedtert South, Dr. Badrudduja and Dr. Jandali, skillfully provide our community with the options to do the most advanced and broadest range of surgeries right here in Southeastern Wisconsin.


“We are community surgeons,” said Dr. Majed Jandali, General Surgeon. “Dr. Badrudduja and I care for all aspects of surgery including advanced care of hernias, trauma surgery, minimally invasive robotic surgery, colon and breast cancer surgery, and weight loss surgery to name only a few. I came to America from Syria over forty years ago and have been practicing general surgery in Kenosha since 1993. I have performed surgical interventions on thousands of community members, and it means a great deal to me to relieve their pain and resolve their problems. Surgery is my passion because it allows me to take care of a patient’s problem right at the source. Helping the families of this community is the heart of what I do.”

Dr. Mustafa Badrudduja, General Surgeon said, “I grew up in rural Kentucky, and everyone seemed to know my dad. He was a small-town surgeon, too. I have been performing surgical interventions on community members at Froedtert South for over fourteen years, and I enjoy recognizing my patients at local stores and community events. Knowing the patients that I care for really makes Kenosha feel like my hometown. I’m grateful that I can help people and make a positive impact on this community.”

Mustafa Badrudduja, M.D., General Surgeon


“Surgical techniques change over time,” said Dr. Jandali, “and standards of care are updated. Dr. Badrudduja and I are always up to date. Maintaining American Board of Surgery Board Certified status is not a one-time achievement. We recertify every two years. In 2015 we adopted minimally invasive robotic surgery techniques and have since completed over 5,000 robotic procedures. This is important for our community because patients feel better and heal faster with this less invasive form of surgical intervention.”

Dr. Badrudduja and Dr. Jandali are dedicated lifelong learners for their profession. “Our passion for continuing education coupled with Froedtert South’s commitment to being an industry leader make it possible for us to rival what is being offered in major metropolitan areas,” said Dr. Badrudduja. “Froedtert South has become known as an observation and mentoring facility for robotic surgery. We mentor surgeons nationwide on robotic surgery techniques, advancements, and standards of care. It is phenomenal that this relatively small community hospital is at the absolute forefront of the most advanced surgical care available.”

Majed Jandali, M.D., General Surgeon


Kenosha resident and retired business owner, Peter Onosko, said, “My primary physician recommended that I get a colonoscopy because of my family history. Within one week, I had a colonoscopy and was told I had colon cancer. I needed a surgeon to remove part of my colon, and I received several recommendations for Dr. Badrudduja. Dr. Badrudduja met with me right away, he explained the entire process, and he answered all my questions. Less than three weeks after my colonoscopy I underwent minimally invasive robotic surgery to remove part of my colon. My surgery was on a Thursday. I was discharged that Saturday. Since my cancer was caught early and the surgery was a success, I did not need chemotherapy or radiation treatments. My aftercare plan included a special diet which I strictly adhered to. Two weeks after surgery I enjoyed playing a round of golf!”

Peter Onosko

Peter said, “I am grateful and amazed at how quickly I received all the medical care that my condition required. The collaboration between oncology, general surgery, and my primary physician was outstanding. I received world-class care close to home. From ‘you have colon cancer’ to ‘you are cancer-free,’ all the care I needed was right here at Froedtert South.”

Dr. Badrudduja said, “For Peter to have this major surgery and be home within forty-eight hours is something virtually unheard of a few years ago. Nationally, as recently as five years ago, a colectomy was performed with a large abdominal incision approximately 80% of the time. During the same timeframe, Dr. Jandali and I have performed the same surgery minimally invasive 80% of the time. We have been well ahead of the national average. What that means for patients is that instead of a five- to-seven-day hospital stay, patients can expect to be home within one to three days. For Peter, that meant getting home quicker to play golf! It is a tremendous benefit to our community that we can provide advanced robotic surgeries locally. Also, for patients like Peter that need to utilize multiple doctors and departments, the ease of communication between Froedtert South physicians and departments and readily accessible resources are enormous benefits.”


“I found a lump in my breast, and things went quickly after that,” said Hayley Jensen, Kenosha resident and teacher. “I had a mammogram, ultrasound, and a biopsy. The result was I had breast cancer, and I needed a surgeon. Through research and referrals, I chose Dr. Jandali. He saw me within one week, and when I met with him, I knew I was in good hands.”

Hayley Jensen

Hayley said, “Dr. Jandali is patient and a great listener. He took his time to help me relax, and he explained everything to me and my husband, Kris. It is clear that Dr. Jandali wants what is best for each patient. Within a month, he performed my surgery and removed my tumor and three lymph nodes. The incision is small and healed nicely. What was so wonderful about Froedtert South is that everything I needed was in one place. Surgery, oncology, and radiology all collaborated and developed a plan of action specific to my needs. The convenience of going to twenty-one radiation sessions and several follow-up appointments close to home was outstanding.”

Dr. Jandali said, “I spend at least an hour on every initial breast cancer appointment. I explain the condition, prognosis, and treatment to the patient and family using easy-to-understand terms and handwritten notes and drawings. We have an ultrasound available in office during the first appointment to assess size and extent of the cancer. Additionally, Dr. Badrudduja and I perform the most up-to-date breast cancer surgery which does not disfigure the shape or size of the breast. My goal is to help patients feel comfortable and to understand their condition before they leave my office. It is important for patients to know that the specialists (surgeons and oncologists) meet twice per month to discuss management of all breast cancer cases. We provide true comprehensive patient care here at Froedtert South.”

“I was not going to let cancer win,” said Hayley. “This team had my back. When something horrible happens in life you must find the blessings. With breast cancer, my blessings were Dr. Jandali and the team at Froedtert South.”


Dr. Jandali said, “Patients experience a unique continuum of care here at Froedtert South. The Schmidt Surgery Center where we perform surgical interventions is attached to Froedtert Pleasant Prairie Hospital. If complications arise, our patients do not need to transfer to another facility. Emergency care and a trauma team are available right here. From the surgeon to the oncologist to the primary physician, the team communicates for optimal patient care. It is very rewarding to provide general surgery services at this facility, with this team, and for this community.”