The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies pose for a photo with Brookside Care Center resident Jerome Mutchler after the group performed at the nursing home on Thursday

Milwaukee Dancing Grannies perform in Kenosha

Some very special Grannies paid a visit to Brookside Care Center on Thursday, July 20


Kenosha County is located in the southeastern corner of the U.S. state of Wisconsin. Its population in 2019 was estimated to be 169,561, making it the eighth most populous county in Wisconsin. The county is named after the county seat, Kenosha, the fourth largest city in Wisconsin.

In a nursing home, there’s nothing unusual about seeing plenty of grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and even great-great-grandmothers.

But some very special Grannies paid a visit to Kenosha County’s Brookside Care Center on Thursday.

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies entertain an audience of residents and staff at Kenosha County’s Brookside Care Center on Thursday. The show included an adapted version of the performances that the Grannies usually stage in parades across southeastern Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies stopped in to entertain a large roomful of residents and staff with their finger-snapping, toe-tapping routine that’s usually found in parades across southeastern Wisconsin.

Dancer Colleen Minisce said visiting nursing homes is a new act for the Grannies, who have been performing in parades since 1984.

“We just started doing it this year, to give back to the community,” Minisce said. “For people who can’t get out to the parade, we’re bringing the parade to them.”

For the Brookside residents, that meant dance numbers that sent the performers and their pompoms up and down the aisles, set to recognizable tunes like “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” “Celebration,” “Born in the USA,” and the Dancing Grannies’ signature song, “We Are Family.”

The “family,” in the case of the Dancing Grannies, includes performers who range in age from 57 to 78. The eldest member has been with the group for 18 years, Minisce noted.

After the show, the members of the Brookside audience had the opportunity to pose for pictures with the Grannies, bringing wide smiles to the residents, the staff and the performers.

“I liked it,” said a beaming Nick Guarascio. “It was nice. They were really good!”

Brookside Care Center resident Nick Guarascio poses for a photo with members of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies. The group performed Thursday at the Kenosha County-owned nursing home.

Another resident, Kitty Gott, swung her hands back and forth and bobbed her head along with the beat throughout the performance. And then she entertained the Grannies with a few pompom tricks of her own while she posed for a photo with them.

Brookside Care Center resident Kitty Gott holds up pompoms while posing for a photo with the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies after the group performed at the nursing home on Thursday.

“I like entertainment,” Gott said. “I’m glad everybody’s smiling.”

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