Harbor Park Health and Fitness launches Youth Fitness Programs!

Harbor Park has developed 3 programs for a wide age range of youth

By Jason Yule

Owner and manager of Harbor Park Health and Fitness, established in 2015.

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From owner Jason Yule, “We are super excited to finally be in a position to offer a collection of Youth Programs that we are proud of. We’ve been wanting to get into Youth Training for a while now, and we have done a few things over the years, however we never felt that we were ready to fully commit to the program until now. We have the right team in place and we have the right expertise to really excel at it and to help these kids reach their goals, whatever they may be.”

Harbor Park has developed 3 programs, one for kids (8-12) that meet for various camp style programs throughout the year, a program for teens (12-16) who just want to start building a healthy relationship with exercise, and finally a sports performance program for athletes (14-18) who want to prepare themselves mentally and physically for an upcoming season.

The core objective of the Sports and Performance program will focus on developing what Jason calls general physical preparedness. This essentially means developing the kid’s base fitness level. Jason’s goal is not to get them better at any particular sport or any particular skill. His job is to get them in as good of shape as possible, mentally and physically, so that when they go to play their sport they will be as prepared as possible. They will be faster, stronger, more explosive, more coordinated, and most importantly, they will be at a significantly reduced risk of injury.

If you have a kid who wants to take their performance to the next level, or are just interested in getting your kid involved in some healthy activities, please submit an inquiry at Harbor Park’s website at this link: https://harborparkhf.com/get-started/ or contact Jason directly at (262) 300-7987!