Harbor Park Health and Fitness owner Jason Yule, left, has a new promotion inspired by his father, Jim.

Get paid to lose weight at Harbor Park Health and Fitness

Inspired by his father, owner Jason Yule announces an offer to new members

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Jason Yule’s father made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

A former offensive lineman on the Tremper football team, Yule stood 6-foot, 300 pounds and was getting bigger by the day.

“I’d go to Burger King at 11 a.m.,” Yule said. “And order two Whoppers.”

Jim Yule, a retired postal worker, watched his son’s weight spiral out of control and became concerned about his overall health. He told him it was time to lose weight and he’d pay him to do so.

Harbor Park Health and Fitness is located at 3417 14th Ave.

For every pound lost, Jason earned $10. In just two months, Jason lost 50 pounds and made $500.

“I was 18 years old and I didn’t have any focus on getting healthy or losing weight until my father had the foresight knowing I was headed down the wrong path,” said Jason Yule, owner of Harbor Park Health and Fitness. “It totally changed my life.”

In appreciation of his father’s tough love, Yule is extending the same offer to new members needing that extra push for weight loss and overall good health.

“We understand weight loss is not the most important thing,” Yule said. “It doesn’t define if you’re healthy or not, but it’s the first step in the journey. It’s a measurement that’s easiest to start with.”

Newcomers who sign up for a qualifying program will earn $10 for every pound lost. 

Harbor Park Health and Fitness offers a variety of programs and guidelines catered to the individual that extend beyond fitness and nutrition.

The 10 guidelines include:

  • Eat mainly plants and animals
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Keep your body in motion
  • Train at high intensity weekly
  • Prioritize getting enough sleep
  • Do things that bring you joy
  • Strength train often
  • Seek out sunlight
  • Don’t put yourself in harm’s way
  • Stimulate your brain daily

Those interested in the $10-per-pound incentive should contact Yule at 262-220-7548.

“This promotion is intended to help people make that first step, as scary or as daunting as it might seem,” Yule said. “Commit to it and we’ll pay you.”