Hellmann’s giant jar of mayonnaise to make a stop at Mars Cheese Castle Sunday

For every photo of the jar posted to Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok with the hashtag #MayoForMeals, company will donate $50 to Feeding America


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The 7-foot-6 jar of mayo on wheels — traveling from Phoenix to New Jersey — is making an appearance at Mars Cheese Castle from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday (Feb. 19).

#MayoForMeals, introduced during a Hellmann’s Super Bowl ad, is a charitable cross-country initiative tackling food insecurity and waste. 

In the Hellmann’s Super Bowl ad, tiny versions of John Hamm and Brie Larson are seen inside a refrigerator, beside a myriad of leftovers and a giant jar of mayonnaise, riffing about being “ham” and “brie.” Pete Davidson opens the fridge to proclaim: “I’m gonna eat you guys” and makes a sexy-looking sandwich with the leftovers in the fridge.

For every social media post of the giant jar and every mile it travels, Hellmann’s is donating meals to Feeding America, with the ultimate goal of donating one million meals.

Local residents are encouraged to take a photo of the truck and post to Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. 

For every photo tagged with Hellmann’s and #MayoForMeals, Hellmann’s will help provide the equivalent of 500 meals to Feeding America. Additionally, for every mile the jar travels, the brand is offering 100 meals to the organization.

The journey began in Phoenix, Ariz. — the site of Super Bowl LVII — with stops in St. Louis (Feb. 16), Kenosha (Feb. 19), Toast, N.C. (Feb. 22) and Englewood Cliffs, N.J. (early March).

Hellmann’s “Make Taste, Not Waste” campaign is geared towards inspiring people around the world to become more resourceful with food.

According to Feeding America, nearly 40 percent of food is wasted in America.