Kickstart your year with the Best Fitness Center in Kenosha!

Our 6 Week Kickstart is designed to give you all of the guidance and accountability that YOU NEED to get started on your health and fitness goals

By Jason Yule

Owner and manager of Harbor Park Health and Fitness, established in 2015.

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This program will not be the long-term solution, but it will give you the start you need. After the 6 weeks, you will notice the following changes: reduced bloating and gassiness, reduced brain fog, reduced acid reflux,reduced inflammation, reduced waist, improved energy, improved mood, 10-15lbs weight loss, and an excitement to continue making positive changes in your health.

We can guarantee those positive changes because the kickstart includes a 100% fully customized plan for your goals, it includes daily accountability from your personal coach, it includes nutrition guidance and meal plan assistance, as well as full access to our facility, all of our classes, and one on one sessions as needed. 

Your custom plan is delivered to you on a daily basis through an app, making it incredibly easy to follow along and to give feedback to your coach. And if you are super busy, don’t worry – the majority of our clients are parents and professionals so we know what your capacity is, and we know we can’t overwhelm you with crazy workouts or a crazy diet plan. Your plan is truly built around your needs and preferences.

The only way this program does not work is if you don’t do anything. But our coaches are here to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Get started today by filling out the following form, and one of our coaches will contact you as soon as possible!