Wisconsin Salt Wise Partnership, a coalition of organizations across the state working together to reduce salt pollution in our lakes, streams and drinking water, is hosting “Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week” from Monday to Friday, Jan. 23-27.

Root-Pike WIN celebrating Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week Jan. 23-27

Understand the toll that salt takes on our infrastructure and freshwater


Mission: Restore, protect and sustain the Root-Pike basin watersheds through the funding and facilitation of a regional network of locally initiated projects

Root-Pike WIN is proud to share the dedication of the following municipalities for their participation in winter maintenance training. As a part of our Respect Our Waters program, municipalities study the environmental impacts of winter salt and learn how to best provide services and lower costs while still protecting public safety.

Thank you to the following municipalities for their support in this crucial water quality initiative:

  • Kenosha County
  • Town of Randall
  • Village of Bristol
  • City of Franklin
  • Village of Greendale
  • Village of Hales Corners
  • Village of Mount Pleasant
  • City of New Berlin
  • City of Oak Creek
  • Village of Pleasant Prairie
  • Village of Salem Lakes
  • Village and Town of Somers
  • Village of Sturtevant
  • Village of Waterford
  • Village of Wind Point
  • The University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Like these municipalities, many others around Wisconsin are striving to improve their winter maintenance programs and slow down the salting of our lakes, streams, and drinking water. However, many citizens are not aware of the complexities of this issue. It is for this reason that the Wisconsin Salt Wise Partnership, a coalition of organizations across the state working together to reduce salt pollution, is hosting “Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week” from Jan. 23-27.

Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week aims to educate citizens on the salt pollution issue: how salt impacts freshwater ecosystems, the role of water softening, ideas for teaching kids about salt pollution, and other ways to get involved. Speakers will stream live over YouTube from 12:30-1 p.m. Monday through Friday to share their knowledge and field

Speakers include Sujay Kaushal (University of Maryland), Charlie Paradis (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Allison
Couture (UW Health), Shannon Haydin (Wisconsin DNR) and Allison Madison (WI Salt Wise). Tune in starting Monday,
Jan. 23 at 12:30 p.m. on the WI Salt Wise YouTube channel or register at wisaltwise.com.

Thank you to the educators at Bolton and Menk for sharing their expertise, and to the coordinating Wisconsin Salt Wise Partnership including Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network, Wi Salt Wise, Milwaukee Riverkeeper and the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District.

Until there is a better solution for deicing roads, parking lots, and sidewalks, SaltWise education is the best alternative for effective and less environmentally taxing use of salt.