Introducing Health Launch

There is nothing more valuable than your health and vitality.

By Jason Yule

Owner and manager of Harbor Park Health and Fitness, established in 2015.

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Health Launch is the newest program at Harbor Park Health and Fitness, and it was designed for individuals who are looking to lose 20+ pounds or are struggling with their health and need to make a change.

We created Health Launch late last year because we were frustrated with individuals coming to the gym, thinking that exercise was the key to their weight loss and health struggles. They’d come for a few months, but they wouldn’t experience the progress they were looking for, and get frustrated and quit.

We knew we needed to create a program that helped these individuals address the specific issues that were holding them back. When it comes to diminishing health and weight gain, lack of exercise is typically NOT the culprit.

Here’s the thing, exercise is fantastic, and we advocate that everyone should do it, but it is not a foundational health habit. What we mean by that is, you can be super healthy WITHOUT exercising. And typically, if your health has suffered, it is because you’ve most likely ignored those foundational health habits. So those habits are what this program helps you fix.

You may be wondering what the foundational health habits are. There are 4 major ones that we prioritize: Nutrition is the most important, followed by stress management and then sleep. Daily activity is last, and it doesn’t need to be an intense workout. For most busy, stressed out individuals, we recommend daily walks. That’s it! By getting these 4 components under control, you can make significant health improvements in a relatively short amount of time.

Now, the reason why Health Launch works so effectively is because it is 100% custom tailored to you and your lifestyle. We realize that the program needs to be laid out in such a way that you feel like you can sustain it for the rest of your life – ie, your new health habits that will last you for the long term.

If we get towards the end of the program and you can’t wait for it to be done, then we failed you. Our clients love this program so much because when they get towards the end of their program, they feel so confident and so sure that they will be able to keep the health habits we helped them cultivate.

Also, we realize that we need to make sure that your program isn’t overwhelming or too intensive. The majority of our clients are in the 35-55 age range, they are busy professionals and many have young children to tend to. We have to make sure the program is effective within the constraints of your lifestyle.

During the program you will lose the weight you want, you’ll start to feel amazing and you’ll have tons of natural energy, but more importantly, you’ll have the knowledge and the tools you need to make sure these changes last you for the long-term.

That is the ultimate goal of the Health Launch program.

The coolest thing is that we will help you put together a program specific to you for free. We hope you hire us to help you, but even if you don’t you will still have the exact plan you need to implement to transform your life once and for all!

For more information, and to talk with one of our coaches, click HERE.