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Planning Your Holiday Travel? See These Tips First.

Planning Your Next Holiday Getaway? Here Are Seven Tips for A Stress-Free Winter Vacation.


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Planning for the holidays can be stressful, but we’re here to help! Since LaMacchia Travel is a full-service travel agency, we’re happy to help you plan your holidays and make sure every detail is perfect. Here are some helpful tips that will make planning your holiday travel easier: 

Tip #1: Plan ahead. 

This seems to be the most obvious, but often an overlooked tip we tell our travelers year after year. Luckily enough, there’s still a good amount of space with flights and accommodation to make it happen.  

Tip #2: Consider traveling on Christmas or New Year’s Day. 

We’ve often found that travelling on the actual day of a holiday can offer some savings on flights. If your schedule can accommodate for it – consider departing or returning the day of a holiday to see if it offers any savings! 

Tip #3: Fly Nonstop 

As anyone can imagine, traveling during a major holiday week can add to long security lines and occasional flight delays. With this in mind, always go for the nonstop flight, even if it may cost a little more, to ensure that you get to your destination quickly and efficiently. 

Tip #4: Factor in those Meals & Beverages 

While holiday travel can seem to eat away at your vacation budget with inflated pricing, it’s important to factor in the cost of meals and beverages in the destination you’re going to. This is why many travelers opt for all-inclusive hotel accommodations, with meals, beverages, entertainment, and even gratuities included! This will simplify your vacation experience and allow you to keep your wallet in the room and enjoy a more relaxed vacation.

Tip #5: Arrive to the airport early 

On any normal week, getting to the airport 3 hours before your departure time for an international flight, and 2 hours before your departure time for a domestic flight is what we recommend to our travelers. During a holiday week, travelers have seen significant delays in security times, so it’s crucial to give yourself an extra hour of time. Download the MyTSA App to see the current wait times for your nearest airport.

Tip #6: Make sure your passport isn’t expired. 

Most countries require at least 6 months validity from your scheduled travel date, to be able to enter the country. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your passport isn’t close to expiring, and if it is, get it renewed sooner rather than later as passport agencies see processing delays as you get closer to the holiday season. 

Tip #7: Schedule a ride to and from your local airport. 

During holiday travel weeks, airport parking lots are almost always entirely full. This is where you might want to ring in a favor with a friend or family member to get you to and from the airport, or scheduling a ride with a local transportation company. We can’t recommend enough Top Travel Limousine out of Racine, Wisconsin. They have vehicles of all sizes that can provide door to door service from your home to the airport you’re departing from. 

Our final tip is to book with a Travel Advisor! All sorts of things come up with travel every day, but to ensure your long-awaited holiday vacation goes as smooth as possible, reach out to one of our experienced travel advisors at LaMacchia Travel to make it all happen. Click here to begin planning your winter getaway with LaMacchia Travel!