Aaron Kohlmeier gives some insight on the crazy housing market

Where does the managing broker/owner of Welcome Home Real Estate Group see things going?

By Mitch FerraroKENOSHA.COM

As a lifelong Kenosha resident, Ferraro brings a wealth of knowledge in real estate, real estate investing, home renovation, market strategies and local market conditions.

Mitch Ferraro of Kenosha.com catches up with Aaron Kohlmeier — the managing broker/owner of Welcome Home Real Estate Group — in this week’s edition of “Keeping it Real.”

Kohlmeier, a Kenosha native, discusses local market conditions — with inventory remaining at a record low — and how rapidly rising interest rates could make a tricky buyer’s market even more challenging ahead. 

“With rates going up, there’s even more of an urgency (for buyers) to lock in right now,” Kohlmeier said. “I did not think this spring was going to be this crazy. I thought maybe there would be a little bit of a cool down, but it’s been crazier than ever.”

Kohlmeier, a 1999 St. Joseph Catholic Academy graduate, said he’s been to open houses with nearly a dozen cars waiting to tour the property.

“It’s hard to get my mind around that we’re going to crash,” Kohlmeier said. “There’s so much demand.”