Harbor Park Health and Fitness owner Jason Yule at Saturday's grand opening with his wife Nicole and son Parker.

Remodel yourself, just like Harbor Park Health and Fitness, in 2022

Offering new services, expanded facility holds successful grand opening

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Interested in losing 20 pounds, transforming your body and improving your overall health?

Jason Yule, owner of Harbor Park Health and Fitness, has an intriguing offer on the table in helping local residents achieve those goals.

“We’ll guarantee it,” Yule said.

Saturday’s grand opening featured free sample classes.

Harbor Park Health and Fitness (formerly Harbor Park CrossFit), located at 1326 35th St., held its grand opening on Saturday (Jan. 8) to unveil its remodeled facility, exercise classes, personal training, physical therapy and on-site smoothie cafe.

Guests received a variety of free offerings including raffle prizes, sample classes (boot camp, pilates and yoga), injury screenings, health consultations and discounted DEXA scans.

Harbor Park is one of the only facilities in Kenosha with a DEXA scanner, an imaging device used to measure composition (body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass), bone density, resting metabolic rate and more.

Previously a local CrossFit gym, Harbor Park Health and Fitness is now a complete workout facility with personal trainers and professional staff focused on improving overall health.

It all starts with a consultation to establish goals and a personalized program — created by on-site health, fitness and nutrition experts — centered on guidance and accountability.

Trainer Austin Hervey

“We’ll tell you exactly what you need to be doing,” Yule said. “If your goal is to lose 20 pounds and you do our program, we guarantee you will lose 20 pounds.”

Yule said overall good health is far more than fitness and nutrition.

“A lot of people don’t realize how much stress and sleep habits are hurting them,” Yule said. “If you’re not sleeping, that can be just as deadly. 

“We might start you out by having you go to bed at 10 p.m. and getting up at 6 a.m. or begin an evening routine from 9 to 10 p.m. where you’re turning off your phone or laptop and meditating or reading a book.”

Jason Yule checks over one of Saturday’s giveaways.

Yule, a former offensive lineman on the Tremper High School football team, attended the University of Wisconsin to become an athletic trainer. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in finance, but never lost his passion for health and fitness.

“I began studying kinesiology and switched to business,” Yule said. “I ended up in this world anyways. It makes sense. I’m very analytical and I love the back end of business as well. I’m a numbers sort of guy.”

Practicing what he preaches, Yule lost 100 pounds from his former 300-pound football days.

“We’ll tell you exactly what you need to be doing.”

– Jason Yule, Harbor Park Health and Fitness owner

The Kenosha native remains a firm believer in CrossFit — a branded fitness regimen involving constant varied functional movements performed at a high intensity — and will continue to offer it at Harbor Park Health and Fitness.

“The key is you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone,” Yule said. “People associate exercise with losing weight. If all you want to do is lose weight, we can do that with diet. We exercise to get your body stronger, less injury-prone and healthier.”

Harbor Park Health and Fitness has approximately 10 employees, including Yule’s wife Nicole Yule. Nicole, a native of Naperville, Ill., is a physical therapist and nutrition-lifestyle coach.

For membership details, class schedules or additional information, visit Harbor Park Health and Fitness.