Top 6 Reasons a Sauna Should be on Your Holiday Wish List

Brrrr, doesn’t a relaxing sit in your own hot sauna sound perfect right about now?

By Hansen's Pool & Spa

In business since 1982, Hansen's Pool & Spa located at 4440 Green Bay Road in Kenosha has what you are looking for to complete your family fun and outdoor leisure project.
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Saunas do more than just warm you up. They also make amazing holiday gifts, improve wellness, reduce stress (holiday or otherwise), and are available at Hansen’s Pool & Spa in Kenosha right now!  

Saunas are known to: 

  1. Improve health by relaxing your mind, body, and spirit. Health benefits include relaxed sore muscles, improved circulation, and the release of endorphins that are known to produce an “after sauna glow.” 
  1. Flush away toxins through deep sweat that reduces levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury, and other chemicals found in our daily environments.     
  1. Relieve stress and aid in better sleep by regulating the level of cortisol in our blood and stimulating the production of serotonin, not to mention they’re a peaceful place for contemplation or conversation.
  1. Fight illness by helping the body more rapidly produce white blood cells that aid in fighting illness and killing viruses. Saunas also help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of congestion caused by colds or allergies. 
  1. Improve the appearance of skin through deep sweating that helps clean pores and improve circulation. 
  1. Burn calories! Say what? The sweating process requires a lot of energy which in turn burns calories while you relax.  

At Hansen’s Pool & Spa you can find many in-stock pre-built sauna options or you can work with their team to custom cut the perfect sauna for your home or commercial space. Saunas don’t require any ventilation, and many are portable and plug right into the wall. They can fit in an indoor or outdoor space as small as 3’ x 3’ or be customized to fit your space. The starting price for a sauna is $3,995 and the average lifetime is 12 – 18 years.     

Hansen’s also provides convenient delivery and setup. Local delivery and installation are currently 50% off when you purchase your sauna from their store. Delivery spots are limited and fill up fast, so we recommend getting to the store soon to guarantee before the holidays. 
Stop in to see a Hansen’s Pool & Spa team member at 4440 Green Bay Road in Kenosha to choose the perfect sauna for your home and lifestyle!