Be Thankful For Your Home’s Roof

Are you guilty of taking your roof for granted?


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As Thanksgiving approaches and we ponder what we are thankful for, have you ever stopped and felt appreciation for your home’s roof? Are you guilty of taking your roof for granted? For many of us, the roof is simply something that covers the top of our home – we simply don’t think about it very often. The reality is that your roof is arguably the most critical part of your property! 

Read on to discover the many benefits having a roof in good repair can bring. We also take a quick look at what might happen if you fail to complete a timely roof repair or roof replacement.

Stabilize Your Property

The roof plays a key role in strengthening your property’s structure. Roof beams, joists, and rafters not only support the roof’s fabric but also help keep your walls in position and reinforce the supportive work done by the foundations. If part of the roof deteriorates, irregular forces can be set up that put unnecessary stress on other areas of your home, potentially creating weakness and an increased risk of failure. This is a serious roof problem you want to avoid. If you feel your home has a sagging roof, contact Dick’s Roof Repair Service right away for a roof inspection.

Waterproofing for Your Home

It goes without saying that your roof protects you, your family, and the interior of your home from precipitation. However, rain, hail, and snow can find their way into the tiniest cracks or gaps in a roof. Once inside, processes such as freeze/thaw action, biological contaminants, or rot accelerate structural deterioration. Regular inspection and prompt repair is the best way to avoid a leaky roof and potential water damage.

Keeping Your Fuel Bills Low

Studies show that more than a quarter of the heat produced in your home can be lost through poor roof repair and a lack of insulation. Not only does heat leak out during the colder months, inadequate roof repair and insulation also means your A/C bills will be much higher than they need be during the summer. Keeping your roof in good condition and well-insulated is kinder to your purse and the planet.

Enhance Roof Safety

Even a tiny crack in a roof can provide an opportunity for the wind to enter. High winds can easily lift a tile/shingle or cause large portions of the roof to detach. The best way to minimize the risk of storm damage is to keep your roof well-maintained. Even the slightest storm damage can eventually lead to significant issues, leading to significant repair costs.

Better Air Quality for Your Family

Unfortunately, a roof in poor repair will allow water to leak into your home. Moisture on your walls or seeping down into your ceiling doesn’t just cause structural weakness; it also provides a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and insects. From bug infestations to the growth of mold, moisture problems can have a real (and, sadly, occasionally devastating) impact on your family’s health.

A dry, weatherproof home is one of the most important ways of reducing the risk of biological agents colonizing your property. And weatherproofing starts with the roof to avoid potential roof leaks, ice dams in the winter, and other roof damage! Keeping your roof in good condition is one of the best things to protect your family from the ill effects of damp and the biological contamination that damp encourages.

Enhance the Appearance of Your Home

Keeping your roof in good condition adds curb appeal to your property. For some households,  investing in a new roof can absolutely transform their frontage. Particularly if you’re considering selling your property, investing in the work needed to keep your roof looking good will optimize the chance of a sale.

In addition, a new roof, or a roof that’s been kept in excellent condition, also has the potential to increase the value of your property – new buyers see a high-grade roof that’s either been newly replaced or repaired and maintained correctly as a sign that the rest of the property has probably been cared for similarly.

If you want to optimize the value of your home, a high-grade roof is a key consideration.

Improve the Lifespan of Your Roof

Obviously, nobody wants to spend on major repairs or a complete roof replacement unless they have to. That means it’s essential to look at affordable measures that can prolong the lifespan of your existing roof for as long as possible and avoid wear and tear. Regular maintenance and timely repair (particularly if there is storm damage or signs of moisture entering the property) are the best ways to keep your roof working well for longer. Low roof repair costs are often more manageable than the expense of a complete replacement due to neglect.

If a roof replacement is needed, it’s worth noting that modern roofs last for decades and are designed to provide excellent insulation, as well as be easy to maintain and repair.

Keep Your Insurance Valid

In the event of damage to your property caused by structural weakness, moisture, or similar, some insurance companies will refuse to pay out if it becomes apparent that your roof was neglected and that this contributed to the problems you’re now putting in a claim for.

If you want to be sure your insurance is valid and will offer a payout in the event of making a claim, ensuring you’ve kept your roof sound and in weatherproof condition needs to be a priority. 

Celebrate Your Roof!

With so many advantages, it’s clear that replacing or repairing your roof is a  good investment – not only can it provide you and your family with the weatherproof home you deserve, it also has a number of economic and health benefits.

It’s not just having a good roof that’s something to be thankful for – having a great roofing company on hand to carry out any roofing work you need is also cause for celebration!

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