"Naturally Mirrored" by Hawthorn Hollow Artist-in-Residence Sinclair Myhre.

Hawthorn Hollow announces new art installation

'Naturally Mirrored' constructed by Artist-in-Residence Sinclair Myhre


Hawthorn Hollow grew out of love for the land. As a nature sanctuary and arboretum, Hawthorn Hollow has been connecting people and nature through environmental education for more than 50 years. Walking trails invite visitors to explore a 12-acre arboretum, the woodlands of the Pike River Valley, prairies, gardens, and historic buildings of Somers’ past. Hawthorn Hollow is owned and operated by the Hyslop Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501 c3 organization formed in 1964.

Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum is proud to announce the completion of Artist-in-Residence Sinclair Myhre‘s installation in our arboretum.

Called “Naturally Mirrored,” the title references the parallels of patterns that can be seen throughout nature’s structures. The subject of this particular piece, tree roots mounted to repurposed sticks, calls to mind how a tree’s branches closely mirrors its root systems.

This installation piece will be up for a limited time.

Nature is littered with repeating patterns and sequences. Two of nature’s most prominent patterns, fractals and the golden spiral, are showcased in “Naturally Mirrored.”

“As I walk around the woods, I like to imagine what the ground of a forest floor would look like if it consisted of see-through soil, allowing me to marvel at tree foundations as well as their branches,” Sinclair said. “Often I’m left wondering how different this effect would be from the forest floor being a mirror.

“Nature’s causal creation and infinite detail always leave me in awe. Although I’m not necessarily the most outdoorsy person, I have a deep reverence and affinity for nature and design that is reflected in my work.”

This installation piece will be up for a limited time so make sure you come see it while you can. It’s definitely the most bizarre path you will walk down at Hawthorn Hollow! 

Please consider supporting Sinclair’s journey by donating to her gofundme page: https://gofund.me/6fe2f1e4.