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Get your home ready for its CLOSE-UP! Trust me, it will be worth it in the end!

By Felicia Pavlica

A licensed realtor since 2001, Pavlica has a passion for real estate and understands it is one of the biggest financial decisions that many of us will make. For 20 years, Pavlica has worked tirelessly to build strategies and processes that have successfully made her team the best realtors in Kenosha for years!
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My message to the community about staging their home —

I just want… no… I NEED people to realize the SIGNIFICANT price difference in the value of their home when it is staged VS. when it is not. We are not talking just a few extra grand here – we’re talking BIG numbers like $50,000.00!!

Lately, a lot of people have been asking me about “staging.”

What is it? Is it important?

Do I need to do all that work even with the current market?

The answer…YES!! Staging your home is prudent to selling your home at a successful price and could be the difference between selling your home at $200,000 vs $250,000! 

How do I even begin?

How will I find the time or money to stage my home?

Our team at GO Felicia knows how to take care of our clients. Our professionals are trained on how to stage your home for the best possible outcome for you and your family. We focus on key aspects like depersonalization, creating more space, and address touch-ups to ensure everything looks as good as possible. The better your house looks…the more money you get in your pocket!

Hmmmmm… This sounds like a lot of work. 

IT IS! But don’t fret—that’s what we’re here for! Don’t let the thought of this process stress you out or leave you overwhelmed. We got you. 

At Go Felicia, we hire professionals to create individualized punch lists of exactly what needs to be done for each home. Our strategic process is set up so that you know exactly what to do to have a plan of action to make it as easy as possible. Oftentimes, people will tell us that it’s easier than they thought. 

So, what’s holding you back? Let US help YOU get more money for your home!

Start the conversation today at gofelicia.com.