Tracy Margetson of Pleasant Prairie will be featured on this week's episode of "Ellen's Game of Games."

Showtime! Tracy Margetson to appear to ‘Ellen’s Game of Games’

Kenosha native featured on NBC show


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Pleasant Prairie’s Tracy Margetson has the personality fit for a game show. This evening, it will be on full display for a nationwide audience.

The 43-year-old Kenosha native will appear on “Ellen’s Game of Games” 7 p.m. tonight (Feb. 8) on NBC. 

Margetson was informed one week ago that her taping — which took place this past August in Los Angeles — made the cut and she would be featured on this week’s episode.

The game show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, pits contestants to perform outrageous, over-the-top challenges with often humiliating consequences for missteps made along the way.

“I’m super excited, but also a little bit nervous,” said Margetson, whose bubbly, silly personality was a perfect fit for the show. “I don’t want to look like a complete fool on national TV. I like for it to be entertaining at the same time.”

Margetson competes against one other contestant in “Make it Rain,” a game where each person attempts to answer trivia questions and earns the opportunity to select one of eight umbrellas from above. Seven of the umbrellas contain a bucket of ice water and one of them is filled with a bucket of gold confetti.

The contestant that picks the gold confetti advances to the semifinals.

An NBC photo previewing tonight’s show provides proof the contest didn’t go exactly as planned for Margetson. However, one false move doesn’t necessarily eliminate a contestant.

“People have said to me that (the contest) sounds awful,” said Margetson, a registered nurse at Aurora Medical Center. “In the moment, it was so much fun. It was an awesome experience.”

Margetson is hosting her family tonight for a viewing party.

“They’re all going to come over and have some DeRango’s pizza,” Margetson said. “We’ll watch it and have some laughs.”


Age: 43

Residence: Pleasant Prairie

Hometown: Kenosha 

High School: Bradford (1995)

Occupation: Registered Nurse (Aurora Medical Center)

Family: Michael (son, 24), Hailey (daughter, 10)