Thanksgiving To Go Kenosha Wi

Thanksgiving To Go

Restaurants adapt with takeout holiday meals, drinks

By Daniel GaitanKENOSHA.COM

Gaitan is a proud Kenosha native who has covered his local community for much of his professional career. The DePaul University graduate served previously as an award-winning writer for the Kenosha News.

This Thanksgiving is especially meaningful for some Kenosha restaurants.

Eateries across the city are offering area residents the option to purchase special take-away items this week so folks can get the dine-in experience at home — with no work.

The efforts allow such establishments to safely serve their loyal customers and receive some much-needed revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Twisted Cuisine, 7546 Sheridan Rd, owner Rhonda Bell and company are offering “Take & Heat” Thanksgiving meals including turkey, sausage dressing, roasted Brussels sprout with bacon, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, among other items. Each meal runs $24.

“You have to have the staples — but Brussels sprouts with bacon I love,” Bell said.

Although orders were supposed to be submitted last week, Bell said she’s willing to sell to anyone early this week as long as she has enough product in stock. Curbside pickup is Wednesday.

“We are so lucky to have the community we have. I’ve lived here my whole life and until I had this place I didn’t know what a gem we have here..”

Rhonda Bell, Twisted Cuisine

Bell said 2020 has been incredibly difficult for restaurants, cafes and diners because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s been a hard year,” Bell said, adding that she takes all necessary precautions to safely prepare and serve food.

Despite the challenges, she said local support has been “phenomenal.”

“We are so lucky to have the community we have,” Bell said. “I’ve lived here my whole life and until I had this place I didn’t know what a gem we have here.”

When asked what she’s thankful for, Bell replied: “I’m thankful for my amazing crew because I would not be able to do any of this without them.”

“I’m thankful for people who are taking [the virus] seriously, wearing their masks and washing their hands. I’m thankful that I wake up every day,” she said.

At Kenosha Brewing Company, 4017 80th St., owner Nick Gochis will provide traditional take-away meals and delivery. All orders must be in by bar close Tuesday night. Each person costs $16.99.

“This is the best thing Kenosha Brewing Company does,” he said. “It’s all homestyle and cooked from scratch. … We really don’t miss a beat.”

Gochis said 2020 has hurt business, but he’s vowing to carry on and stick around for many more years.

“The support that we’ve got from our regular customers has been unwavering,” Gochis said. “People of this city really came out and supported small businesses the best that they can.”

“We’re ready to go. We’re offering normal Thanksgiving items from a 70-year-old grandma in the kitchen cooking just like she would for us on Thanksgiving.”

Sazzy B, 5623 6th Ave., is offering “Turkey Day Cocktails” including an apple, carrot, chai and gin-and-tonic kit and a cranberry-orange spice mule kit. Prices range from $33.99 to $53.99. Orders must be in today (Nov. 23).

“Our main goal is to be relevant to our customers,” said Kurt Schrader, general manager at Sazzy B and The Buzz. “We’re trying to provide our products for wherever you want to enjoy them. If you’re at home, we’d love to be at your home, as well.”

Sazzy B is also offering “The Side Hustle” which is everything except the bird. Offerings include cranberry compote and three-cheese mac. Most of the food is between $10 and $30 and serves four to six.

“We got everything going on by way of Sazzy B and The Buzz to support the main entree of the evening,” Schrader said. “We’re putting our own spin on it. A lot of the classics but with a fun take on it. … We definitely encourage people to take our side dish, put it in their own dish and claim it as their own”

Schrader said Sazzy B staff have been working to keep a positive attitude and safe workplace for staff and customers throughout the pandemic.

“We’re very grateful for all of our customers,” he said. “The reception has been very positive and we’re very thankful for it.”