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 Welcome to Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Kenosha Wisconsin

The only one of the Great Lakes entirely within the United States, Lake Michigan provides Kenosha Wisconsin with miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, plenty of attractions for visitors and locals alike, and a lovely backdrop against which residents carry on with their day to day lives. Kenosha is Wisconsinís southernmost port on Lake Michigan, and the city has designated that almost ninety percent of its shoreline be preserved for the use of the public. Charter fishing tours are popular, as well as Kenosha's several well-maintained parks, trails, and gardens.

Kenosha Wisconsin is a diverse community rich with cultural heritage. Family businesses thrive over generations here, and the citizens of Kenosha are dedicated to preserving and celebrating its unique history, with four historical districts, a history center and several public museums in the area, as well as several art galleries and theaters. Local festivals and art fairs happen throughout the year, and a farmerís market takes place regularly at Harbor Marketplace, where shoppers can browse through produce, herbs, flowers and arts and crafts while enjoying the view of Lake Michigan.

In addition, Kenosha has several other attractions, including greyhound racing, ice skating, hot air ballooning, and shopping. The oldest operating velodrome in the United States is home to thrilling high-speed bicycle racing during the summer. Kenosha is home to two outlet malls with over 140 stores, both of which draw thousands of visitors each year. The LakeView RecPlex is the second largest municipal recreational facility in the country, providing the general public with a state-of-the-art fitness and recreation center. The electric streetcar that circles through downtown Kenosha is also very popular.

Lake Michigan provides much in the way of recreation and pleasure for both visitors to and residents of Kenosha. Almost ninety percent of the shoreline is reserved for public use, and the cities and surrounding towns make the most of it. Fishing, swimming, boating and kite surfing are all popular sports. The shoreline is also home to several well-maintained parks, gardens, fountains and a large promenade, which houses a bandshell where live music can be heard. Festivals and art fairs are always taking place along the shore of Lake Michigan, including car shows, water festivals, kite exhibitions, and outdoor concerts.

Kenosha Wisconsin is also quite proud of its rich cultural heritage, and has established four historical districts, in addition to several museums and historical centers. Kenosha also maintains a fully operable electric streetcar system, which carries you through a scenic two mile ride through HarborPark and downtown Kenosha for the modest price of a quarter. The Kenosha History Center recounts the history of Kenosha County from its settlement by white people in the 1830s through its industrialization as an auto manufacturing town to its current incarnation in the 21st century.

Kenosha Wisconsin also has something for the more contemporary minded visitor as well. Two huge outlet malls attract shoppers from all over the area. Hot air balloon tours can be arranged, providing visitors with a spectacular view of Kenosha and Lake Michigan. The Aquanuts Water Ski Show features water acrobats, water ballet, and excitement for all ages. Art fairs, outdoor concerts, festivals, bike racing, golfing, charter fishing and cross-country skiing are just a few of the fun things to do when visiting Kenosha.

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